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We mainly focus on the treatment of drinking water, process water and industrial waste water.
We have dosing and metering and mixing technology and with all product range we are able to dose and mix liquid, solid and gaseous media.

Our range of static mixers can be used for the solutions and gases mixing without using any power source.
Sanitary and industrial applications are available because of all items are tailor-made.
Materials can very from PVC to Hastelloy-C.

Some examples of typical applications are given and explained below.   

Installations for drinking and swimming pool 
Installations in industry
Dosing technology

Gas Chlorine,
Carbon Dioxide and
Sulphur Dioxide Dosing
under full vacuum condition to the systems 

Due to their simplicity of use and reliable properties, chlorine and chlorine compounds have been used successfully in water treatment for decades.

Our gas-conveying technology is specially designed for chlorination. However different the requirements are, our comprehensive range of well-proven units can deliver doses of chlorine gas under vacuum, or liquid chlorine compounds.

With their matching components, from chlorine dosing to analysis and warning devices, our chlorination systems meet all the modern system requirements.

Dosing pumps and skid systems designed according to application is possible
Types are varying as solenoid diaphragm pumps, stepper motor pumps, mechanical diaphragm pumps, plunger diaphragm and plunger pumps. All of the pumps are containing double check valves as standard. Diaphragms can vary according to application.  

If there is a need for higher capacities dosing pumps can be designed up to four head.

In some applications pumps can be with double diaphragm or designed according to exproof or ATEX standards. 
All of the dosing pump accessories are available like pulsation dampners, safety valves, back pressure valves and multifunctional valves

Electrochlorinators and Chlordioxide generators:
In standard versions capacity can go upto;
8500 g/h for the Electrochlorinators 
1440 g/h for the Chlorine dioxide generators.  

Chlorine dioxide system operates according to the acid-chlorite process in
continuous mode and uses commercial concentrations of hydrochloric
acid (9%) and sodium chlorite (7.5%).

Static Mixers are tailor-made and any material is possible sutaible to the application. 
Mixers can be manufactured in PP, PTFE, PVDF, PVC, SS 304, SS316 Ti or Hastelloy C. 
Sanitary applications are possible. 

Measuring and Control Systems for parameters like;
  • Residual (Free or Total) chlorine
  • Chlorine dioxide 
  • Conductivity 
  • Ozone 
  • pH 
  • ORP 
  • Temperature 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 
Gas Dedectors to measure the level of;  
  • Chlorine gas 
  • Hydrogen gas 
  • Ozone gas 
  • Sulphur Dioxide gas 
Gas Chlorine Scrubber (Neutralization) Systems are available and designed speciially according to system requirements. 

CTP, PP , HDPE materials are avaiable

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